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III All-Ukrainian Conference with International Participation FERTILIZERS 2010

New priorities of agrarian market: factors of influence upon chemical industry

February 19, 2010

RIVIERA Hotel, Kyiv, Ukraine

FERTILIZERS 2010 is a representative forum of agrarian and chemical markets' participants
FERTILIZERS 2010 is a meeting of producers, resources' suppliers, traders, agrarians, analysts and ministries' representatives
FERTILIZERS 2010 is a discussion of problems of ready products' export (logistics), new deposits' development and complex fertilizers' growing demand
FERTILIZERS 2010 is development of plants' protection new technologies and systems as well as scientific approach to plants' protection
FERTILIZERS 2010 is defining of chemical and agrochemical market's work rules within WTO frameworks.


Event: III All-Ukrainian Conference with International Participation FERTILIZERS 2010
Organizers: Derzhzovnishinform, Agrarika Ltd
Date: February 19, 2010
Venue: RIVIERA Hotel,
Address: 15 Sagaidachnogo St., Kyiv, Ukraine
Format: 1 days
Positioning: forum of participants of chemical and agrochemical markets as well as agrarian business
Audience: companies' managers, business owners, investors, bankers, embassies' representatives, officials

MISSION: forming of agrochemical market's work rules within 2010 season
Current state of fertilizers' market
Fertilizers' market dependence on agrarian products' markets
Soils' condition, soils' fertility improvement programs, sown areas' condition monitoring
Exchange markets' role in trade activation and liberalization of agrarian products and fertilizers' markets



Conference participation cost


Participation of 1 company's representative


Participation of 2 company's representatives


Remote participation


Applications' submission deadline:

applications for Conference participation are accepted up to and including Feb 18/10.

Do not hesitate to contact us on any questions:
Phone: +38 044-2375554, 044-486-1424
Phone/fax: +38 044-486-8830
E-mail: xim2010@agroperspectiva.com

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