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Australian crop protection and specialty seed company Nufarm and German ag-tech start-up CROP.ZONE have signed a cooperation agreement. The objective of their collaboration is to launch Nufarm and CROP.ZONEs hybrid herbicide solutions across major European markets, starting with implementing an early adopters program for the 2021 season in Benelux and Germany from 2021 onwards.

The innovative patented solutions complement existing, synthetic herbicides, offering farmers a competitive and sustainable alternative for weed management — contributing to yield optimization and farm profitability while helping to achieve to sustainability goals.

Nufarm and CROP.ZONE combine chemical and physical processes to create a compelling and sustainable method of weed control. By pre-treating plants with an organic, regulated liquid that is conductive and then applying electrical charge, the company can control weeds with a very high degree of efficiency and lower energy consumption than conventional weeding technologies. Nufarm and CROP.ZONE offer a safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly alternative to make European agriculture more sustainable.

The solution will first be made available to farmers in Germany and the Benelux countries in 2021.

DIRK VANDENHIRTZ, CEO of CROP.ZONE, says: «We are delighted to have found a strategic partner in Nufarm, a company which has more than 100 years of experience in Crop Proetction and has established relationships with a strong network of distributers across Europe. Our solutions comply with organic farming guidelines and offer farmers a fast, efficient, and cost-effective alternative to known chemical treatments.»

HILDO BRILLEMAN, Regional General Manager EuMEA at Nufarm, adds: «For us as herbicide specialists, this new technology, with its wide mode of action, is an exciting innovation in crop protection that will help to make agriculture more sustainable. It enables us to offer our customers a real alternative to our proven chemical solutions at competitive prices, especially for those crops where chemical weed control options have been reduced and where alternative technologies are requested.»

CROP.ZONE was established in 2019 by a highly experienced team of AgTech experts with decades of experience in the same field. Today, CROP.ZONEs hybrid herbicide solution is active in the field, demonstrating its efficacy in weed management, cover crop burn-down, and pre-harvest desiccation.

CROP.ZONE offers electrophysical solutions to combat weeds and manage pre-harvest desiccation, providing a farmers with an alternative tool against the backdrop of increased regulatory requirements and societal expectations. The innovative patented CROP.ZONE solution can replace a significant part of todays synthetic herbicide use. It provides a competitive alternative for weed management, thus contributing to yield optimization and farm profitability while helping achieve sustainability goals. CROP.ZONEs solutions give the company a strong footing in the future agriculture market.

About Nufarm:
Nufarm Limited is a leading developer and manufacturer of crop protection solutions and seed technologies. Our team of more than 2,500 people make a vital contribution to our reputation for quality products that meet the needs of growers, customer support, and partnership in major agricultural markets in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific. Nufarm is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (symbol NUF) and our head office is located in Melbourne, Australia.


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