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Ukrainian dairy market

The price growth in the market of some dairy products continues. Seasonal factor remains the main reason for the increase. Firstly, the milk production in the country is still declining. Second, buyers influenced by the approach of New Year holidays became more active. In addition, the market has affected by higher raw material costs. The market is still under pressure from low demand from foreign buyers.
So, within this week Ukrainian domestic market SMP prices have grown to UAH72.5–76 per kg (up 5.32% against previous week/up 9.65% as of last month); export prices ranged within US$1,900–2,200 per MT (up 0.99% against previous week/up 12.08% against last month).
There were no significant changes in the market during the reporting period.
The decline in production is the main factor that course higher prices. Uptrend is still supported by low stocks and expensive raw materials. In addition, activity of buyers before Christmas has positive effect on prices. At the same time, it continues to be a weak interest of foreign buyers.
As earlier, within this week Ukrainian domestic/export markets butter prices continued going up. Thus, within reporting week Ukrainian domestic market block butter (72.5% fat, DSTU) prices have grown to UAH105–110 per kg (up 5.13% against previous week/up 13.68% as of last month).
As of this week, Ukrainian export market block butter (72.5% fat, DSTU) prices ranged within US$3,400–3,550 per MT (up 0.14% against previous week/up 2.06% as of last month).
Prices rose on a background of active purchases before the New Year, and as a result of lower production. As before, the product is sold to other countries, including to Russia. Some producers limit selling goods in anticipation of further price growth.
Butter prices continue to affect the prices of spreads. In addition, the increase in prices is supported by the strengthening of domestic market and by good demand from foreign buyers.
As of this week, Ukrainian domestic market dairy spreads (72.5% fat) prices mainly ranged within UAH57–72 per kg (depending on dairy fat content); export market dairy spreads (72.5% fat) prices were US$1,760–2,350 per MT, with some producers having succeeded to make export sales even at US$2,600 per MT.
In meanwhile, this week Ukrainian WMP home market prices have risen to UAH82–85 per kg (up 8.44% against previous week); external market WMP prices remained US$2,300–2,400 per MT (up 3.49% against previous week). As of previous, within this week Ukrainian producers continued making WMP mainly up to their purchasers orders.
Within reporting week Ukrainian internal market casein prices have reduced to UAH173–178 per kg (down 1.68% against previous week); external market casein prices ranged within US$5,600–5,750 per MT (down 1.73% against previous week/up 0.44% against previous month).
Demand for Ukrainian casein from foreign buyers remains low even after the rise in prices for casein on the GDT. Expensive raw materials (milk) and seasonal decline in the production of casein enables manufacturers do not cut prices.
Within reporting week Ukrainian domestic market cheese prices remain UAH98–108 per kg (unchanged against previous week); export market prices remain US$3,350–3,570 per MT (unchanged against previous week/up 0.65% as of last month).
Supply and demand in the Ukrainian market of cheeses in the reporting period has not changed. At the same time, cheesemakers continue to plan for the rise in prices amid rising raw material costs and decreasing production.
As of this week, Ukrainian domestic market demineralized whey prices have declined to UAH19.00–23.00 per kg (down 2.33% against previous week/down 6.15% as of last month similar); export market prices have sagged to US$720–780 per MT (down 1.32% as of last week/down 1.80% against previous month).
It is to be admitted, within this week some producers were selling their domestic market demineralized whey even at UAH18.00 per kg (export market — even at US$680 per MT).
At same time, within this week Ukrainian domestic market classic whey prices have lowered to UAH18.00–18.50 per kg (down 1.35% against previous week/down 12.47% as of last month similar); export market prices have declined to US$700–710 per MT (down 0.70% as of last week/down 1.23% against previous month).
Large stocks at manufacturers and still low demand from foreign buyers are putting pressure on prices.
Although in recent time there is a slight revival of activity in the domestic market as a result of New Year’s holidays approach.
As of this week, Ukrainian domestic market canned milk prices fluctuated within UAH15.0–17.9 per can (380 gr).


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